About Styrelisten

Styrelisten is a non-profit initiative working to increase board room diversity by recommending talented female board candidates.

We know that a steadily increasing number of companies are seeking relevant diversified competence for their boards. We also know that a great number of qualified women are seeking board positions. Our mission is simply to match them!

Styrelisten started with one single name on an Excel spread sheet in 2017. We now have a database with the names and CVs of more than 500 talented female board candidates - and still counting.

Our primary goal is to be able to provide any company contacting us with a candidate matching the requested profile, regardless of industry. This way, we make it easier for companies to find talent outside their own network. In addition, as more women build relevant board experience, selection and diversity will increase.

The core of our work is to match candidates and companies. But to meet our mission, we believe it is also important to build competence and motivation, which we do with our mentorship program and through the Styrelisten community.