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Privacy policy


This privacy statement provides you with information about how Styrelisten AS, 921 564 481 ("Styrelisten") processes personal data, and what rights you have in this context.  

We will process personal data in accordance with the privacy legislation in force at any given time. Privacy shall protect against misuse of personal data. Processing of personal data is regulated by the Personal Data Act. For more information on privacy, see  

You may contact Styrelisten by using the following email address:  


We collect personal data about you in connection with registration of you as a candidate in our database of board candidates, including by receipt of your CV and other information you provide when filling out our Styrelisten board candidate form. Personal data may also be received in connection with other persons having recommended you as a potential candidate for our database, typically by providing your name and, if applicable, email address, telephone number or similar contact information.  

We process personal data for the following purposes and basis for processing, which partly includes third parties (companies we recruit candidates to): 

  • Manage your user account as a board candidate in our database, where we process your name, email address and other contact information and CV, including information about education, skills, work experience and previous employers etc., and any other information you provide. The data processing is necessary in order to assess whether you are a fit profile to recommend in relation to profile requests from our customers.  

  • Respond to inquiries we receive where companies requests potential board candidates, where we process your name, telephone number, postal address, e-mail address and any personal data that relates to the inquiry including a copy of your CV and any other information you have provided to us. The data processing is based on the fact that forwarding said information to companies requesting board candidates is necessary for the database to serve its purpose – the consequence of not providing such information is that we cannot recommend you as a potential candidate to our customer. Please note that we notify the companies that the forwarded information shall not be disclosed or shared with anyone other than those involved in the recruitment process, typically the board of directors of the company in question, its management, HR, the nomination committee and/or any engaged recruiter. 

  • Send you invitations to events, courses and any other events that the Board List facilitates or invites to, where your name and e-mail address are processed for distribution to you.  

  • Use of cookies on our website, to obtain information about the use of our website. The data processing is a result of us balancing the interest of our need to obtain visitor statistics to be able to optimize and further develop the website. You can read more about our use of cookies here. 

We will not store your personal data longer than necessary to achieve the purpose for which the personal data was collected, which in practice means the period until you actively notify us that you do not wish to be registered as a board candidate in our database. As processing is based on your consent, processing will cease when you withdraw your consent – you can do this at any time.  

Personal data will nevertheless be stored for as long as it is necessary for us to comply with statutory requirements and legal obligations, including requirements for continued storage under accounting legislation, as well as to the extent necessary to safeguard our rights. 

Styrelisten may nevertheless, after any consent has been withdrawn, use information originating from your registration as a candidate for statistical purposes, but such use of statistics will then not contain your personal data (i.e. information that identifies you or can be traced back to you as a person), but implicitly form part of our numerical basis when compiling the statistics. Examples of such use of statistics may be presentations physically or digitally where Styrelisten refers to the percentage of our database that has, for example, previous board positions, C-suite positions, or a special education, expertise or industry experience, etc.   



We take your privacy seriously and have implemented security measures to protect your personal data against breaches of personal data security and unauthorized access to and disclosure of personal data, by only a limited number of people having access to our database and then in relation to actual candidate requests. Please be informed that companies that request candidate profiles from Styrelisten does not get access to our database.  


We only disclose personal data to third parties if there is a lawful basis for this and within the purposes established by this privacy policy.  

We may use data processors to collect, store or otherwise process personal data on our behalf. This mainly applies to suppliers of technical solutions. Among other things, we use the following data processors: 

  • Airtable (a cloud collaboration service): The technical solution where Styrelisten has its database 

  • Office365: Administrative systems such as email and document storage 

  • Microsoft Teams: Administrative systems and organization  

Our relationship with such data processors will be regulated through a data processing agreement, which, among other things, ensures confidentiality and safeguarding information security at all levels. 



Our website may contain links to other websites. These websites have their own privacy statements that describe how personal data is collected and processed. If you provide personal data to such third-party website, the processing will be governed by that website's privacy policy. We take no responsibility for such third-party websites or how they process your personal data. We therefore recommend that you familiarize yourself with the privacy statements and terms of use of such third-party websites when you visit and use these websites.  

When you "like" or follow our LinkedIn page, this will be shared with LinkedIn. The same applies to other activity on our social media pages, such as content you post and posts you like. More information about this processing and your rights follows from the individual platform's privacy policy. 


You have the right to demand access, correction or deletion of the personal data we process about you if the conditions for this are met.  

If the processing is based on your consent, you may withdraw this at any time. 

If you wish to exercise your rights, you can contact us using the contact information provided in section 1. We will ask you to confirm your identity or provide additional information before we allow you to exercise your rights to us. 

You have the right to complain about our processing of your personal data to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. We encourage you to raise any objections to our processing of personal data with us first.  


The privacy statement will be available on our website. In case of changes in our processing of personal data, this privacy statement will be updated on the website. You will be notified if the changes are material or material. 

Last updated: 7. November 2023 

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