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Styrelisten candidate

Styrelisten assists both new and experienced board candidates in finding board positions. Our goal is not to have the largest number of candidates, but to ensure that the candidates on Styrelisten can fill a board position.

What are we looking for? We are looking for individuals who can bring competence to a board. Different companies are in different stages and require varying expertise. We observe a wide range of competencies and profiles that are in demand, and we have been committed to ensuring that Styrelisten's candidates reflect this diversity.


However, there are some minimum criteria to be a part of Styrelisten: You must either have experience as a board member, have held various executive positions, or have specialist or operational experience that makes you relevant for a board. You should be prepared for us to request references/recommendations from candidates on Styrelisten or others.


Styrelisten charges a one-time registration fee of NOK 600,- (inc. vat) to be part of Styrelisten. 

If you would like to be part of Styrelisten, you can register here. We will review your profile and get back to you as soon as possible. 

Visibility and candidate input

As a candidate on Styrelisten, you may be put forward for relevant board positions.

We put forward candidates based on the skills required for the specific board position. As a general rule, we put forward multiple names, which increases the opportunities and visibility for each individual, even beyond the current board recruitment.

The information shared with companies is based on the information you have registered with us, as well as public sources (such as a LinkedIn profile). If you are a candidate for a position, the company will contact you directly and you will continue the dialogue.


Styrelisten candidates will be invited to physical matchmaking events where board candidates and companies can meet each other.

We arrange matchmaking events with individual companies, corporate structures, nomination committees, advisory firms, and industry-specific actors. Events are posted on and board candidates can apply for a spot. Board candidates pay an event fee per matchmaking event.

Building relationships and competence 

Styrelisten contributes to highlighting various topics that are relevant to board members, either through its own seminars or in collaboration with partners.


We help you build a board career!

Styrelisten aims to be a contributor to building board experience and board competence for more women. By making qualified candidates available, building relationships and competence, we are helping to increase the share of women in the boards we assist.

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