How it works

Boards are facing a new reality, with new challenges and increasing demands. Finding a good and qualified fit can be difficult. But it should be simple.

01 Get in touch

You initiate your candidate search by providing us with a short introduction of your company and the candidate profile you are looking for. If your request is urgent, please let us know so we can take that into consideration.

The requested profile can be general or very specific, depending on the company's needs and the composition of the existing board. We know that very specific industry knowledge is key for some boards, while others will benefit from more general knowledge - or even personal qualifications.

We are fortunate to be trusted with the names and CVs of so many qualified women - we take this very seriously. For that reason we only disclose candidate information on basis of specific requests relating to vacant board positions. We also have certain processes and criteria to ensure that we only share candidate information to board position that meets a minimum of commercially acceptable terms, typically remuneration to board members.

03 You choose

We provide relevant names and CVs to you, but this is as far as we go: You make your own assessment of the candidates and choose the preferred one(s) among them. You contact relevant candidates directly to interview, negotiate and agree, as you would in any other recruitment process.

The entire Styrelisten database is built on recommendations from the Styrelisten community. Our experience has shown us that we can rely on these recommendations, and as a result, we do not conduct interviews, perform background checks or otherwise vet the candidates. Our concept is that we increase your candidate selection, and you vet all prospects yourself or by retaining the services of others.

Normally, our candidates are not informed about being recommended for vacant board positions. Our candidates have actively consented to be part of the Styrelisten database and to be recommended for board positions. We thus recommend that you refer to Styrelisten when you initiate contact with a candidate.

An important disclaimer: We work on a "no strings attached" basis, meaning that neither you nor the candidate (or us for that matter) make any commitments or promises relating to a position. We do expect and require both candidates and companies to be serious in their participation in our project, but our input may be one of many to one vacant board position. Candidates, on the other hand, may have other engagements such as employment and board positions that may disqualify them from certain positions.

04 Match

Congratulations - we have a match!

We appreciate if you drop us a line to let us know how it went. We love to hear if there has been a successful match.

05 Payment?

We strongly believe that the best way to increase diversity in corporate boards, is to make qualified women even more visible and accessible to companies searching for potential board candidates. For that reason, we have decided not to charge a fee for our assistance.

Having said that, it is important to stress that Styrelisten is based on voluntary work only. We depend on the donations and support of our contributors. Voluntary donations for a "job well done" or "money well saved", are always welcome.

See Contributors on how to otherwise get involved.