Want to contribute?

Styrelisten is a non-profit initiative, we depend on partners, contributors and sponsors. And thankfully, we are not the only ones who are engaged in the board diversity mission.

How to contribute

We depend on the contributions and involvement of both companies and individuals to promote our mission. There are several ways that you or your company can contribute:

Ask us for candidates to your board. We have a large number of highly qualified women interested in board positions. By using Styrelisten, you can find a fit and qualified board candidate at no cost and minimal effort.

Help us build our database. Our database is built on recommendations. If you happen to know a qualified board candidate, please drop us an email at post@styrelisten.com. Check out what candidates we are looking for under "Our candidates" (link below)

Spread the word. If you find yourself in a crowd discussing board candidates and recruitment, you may use the opportunity to talk about Styrelisten and how we can help.

Be a mentor. Styrelisten's Mentorship Program launched in November 2019. We are grateful to all mentors willing to contribute with time and resources by being a dedicated mentor to a candidate from the Styrelisten database.

Sponsor or partner. We do not charge candidates in our database, nor do we charge our customers. We believe that a non-profit principle is the best way to achieve board diversity. As a consequence, we depend on contributions and sponsorships to host Styrelisten events and initiatives. Please reach out to us if you are interested in being one of our corporate partners, host events or contribute with funding, resources or otherwise.

Our partners

Styrelisten is a big load of voluntary work. Fortunately, we have great partners offering their skills on a pro bono basis:

Birger Steen
Strategy, connector and mentor sponsor
You can find him here

Digital Norway
Digital input and strategy
Read about Digital Norway here

Kaja Grinde Skovrup
Strategy and start-up inspo
You can find her here

Visual identity and webpage
Read about Snøhetta here

Resources & staff
Read about CLP here

Resources & staff
Read about Wiersholm here