Our candidates

With a database comprising more than 450 qualified women, we believe we can find a good match for all boards. If the right candidate is not in our database already, we will use the Styrelisten community to find her.

About the candidates

The candidates in our database are as diverse as the companies we cater for. We have candidates with experience from boards or management positions, and who have worked across all industries and sectors. If a candidate does not have experience from board or management positions, she is an expert in her industry.

A common factor for all of the candidates, is that they have been specifically recommended as a proper fit for our database and thus as a potential qualified candidate for corporate boards.

Know any potential candidates?

Although increasing the number of candidates in our database is not a goal in itself, we are always looking for qualified women to join Styrelisten.

We have one criteria: all candidates must be recommended by someone in the Styrelisten community.

We know that talent comes in many different shapes and forms, so we do not have a fixed list of requirements for our candidates. To ensure that all candidates are qualified as potential candidates for vacant board positions, we do however typically require that potential candidates meet at least one of the following criteria: (i) CEO or VP level experience, (ii) corporate board experience or (iii) industry expertise.

Diversity is not achieved by recruiting candidates from the same network channel. If you do not have anyone in your network close to the Styrelisten community, while still being qualified in accordance with one or more of the above mentioned requirements, you may contact us directly. Requests for candidate onboarding without such recommendation can be sent to post@styrelisten.com.

Why our database is closed

We are fortunate to have been trusted with the names and CVs of so many qualified women. This is something we take very seriously, and for that reason we do not give any third parties direct access to the database. Further:

  • We only provide input to companies offering a minimum of commercially acceptable terms
  • We only respond to specific requests and board positions
  • We only give names/CVs of a handful of selected candidates
  • We keep personal data safe in accordance with our privacy policy.
"Our partnership is a step in achieving greater diversity in the board recruitment process. We actively encourage our portfolio companies to consult Styrelisten when recruiting, and feedback has been very positive."
"Board diversity is a clear priority for EQT, and Styrelisten is a highly beneficial initiative for supporting this at an accelerated pace."