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A leading supplier of female
board candidates

Styrelisten is a database of qualified female board candidates. We work as a nonprofit to match companies with board candidates based on skills and experience.

Find your

Styrelisten helps companies find the right female board candidates for their specific needs. We have a diverse pool of candidates across all sectors, and we use our expertise to match companies with the best candidates based on their desired competence and profile.

Experience and competence

Board recruitment is about finding the right fit for the right board. We are matchmakers driven to build relationships with people who create value in our society.

By leveraging Styrelisten's expanded network, we create opportunities for both candidates and companies.

Build your board career

Styrelisten helps potential board candidates become visible to recruiters and get new board positions.


The combination of visibility, skills development, and relationship building increases the individual's chance of getting a board position.

Increase diversity in your board

Is your company in search of female board candidates? We make candidates available outside of your existing network. Based on the profile you request, we suggest suitable candidates.

Styrelisten helps simplify and streamline the recruitment process for companies looking to fill board positions.

Become a

Partnerships are the cornerstone of Styrelisten. Our partners are companies that have supported us since our inception in 2017.

We also collaborate with recruitment and advisory firms, interest organizations, and various industry networks that share our mission. Please get in touch to discuss a partnership.


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Find qualified board candidates!

Are you or your company in search of qualified board members? Are you an owner, board member, or a member of a nominating committee seeking input on qualified board members?

We provide recommendations of female candidates from our database to companies looking to fill board positions. Since 2017, we have delivered 400 candidate recommendations to 200 different companies.

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Become Styrelisten candidate!

Styrelisten's candidates have been recommended to us since 2017. This creates transparency and credibility, and has resulted in us having 650 candidates on the list today!

We do not aim to have as many as possible. We prioritize quality: Styrelisten's candidates must have relevant expertise for various types of companies and boards in different stages, from early-stage companies to publicly traded ones.

If you have experience as a board member, have held various leadership positions, or have specialist expertise that makes you relevant for a board, we would like to hear from you. Please fill out this form, and we will get in touch with you.

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Why Styrelisten?


Board candidates


Listed companies




Board experience



Recommend candidates to Styrelisten

Styrelisten is built on recommendations where competence, experience, and a relevant contribution to the boardroom have been key criteria. Do you know female candidates who have experience as board members, held various executive positions, or have specialist or operational experience that makes them

relevant for a board.

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